Art School

Art School

Tue, Thur

1. Develops children’s interest to great art

2. Shapes power of observation, aesthetic perception, artistic taste and creative abilities

3. Shapes spatial representation

4. Instills perseverance

5. Lights the fire of ingenuity


In the unique atmosphere of creativity “EСOLAND” students create their own masterpieces. Children immerse themselves in the world of spatial imagination, acquire the foundations of perception of color, mastering various techniques and methods of painting. In accordance with the program children learn about different types of painting, graphics, plastic arts, collage and applications. At the same time, along with the study of existing ideas and techniques, our lessons always leave space for free, loose, unrestricted creativity. That is how we try to prove to a child: the world is diverse. That is how we form his/her own view of life.

Schedule of classes (Pluhova, 12)

Tue, Thur 15: 00-16: 30 (10-11 years old)

Tue, Thur 16: 30-17: 30 (8-9 years old)

Tue, Thur 16: 30-17: 30 (7-9 years old)

Tue, Thur 17: 30-18: 30 (6-7 years old)

Tue, Thur 17: 30-18: 15 (4-5 years old)

Schedule of classes (Skrypnyka, 11)

Tue, Thur 17:20-18:00 (5-6 years old)

Wed, Fri 17:20-18:00 (5-6 years old)