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Mariya Statiy Preparing for a school is a complex process, where a child must learn to think, develop imagination and memory, to be able to communicate properly with others around him/her, to be prepared to solve problems and navigate in different situations.

Why visitPreparation for school?


Easy and comfortable socialization

If the child has not attended kindergarten, and always has been the focus of attention at home, it would be difficult for him/her to become a part of the team and follow certain rules.


Intellectual development

In order to feel comfortable, a child must obtain a certain level of development of cognitive capabilities, which is determined by concentration of attention, analytical thinking, and logical memorization.


Positive emotional setting

A child has to go to school with pleasure, joy and trust, be open to communication with a teacher, new friends, as well as being confident in himself or herself. After all, the ability to positively adjust yourself will be the key to success in learning for your child.


Self-esteem shaping

Children with high self-esteem feel more confident and bold, they actively show their interests, set the highest goal for themselves.

What are oursAdvantages?

Quick “inclusion” of the child into the learning process, adaptation

Opportunity to attend workshops and studios

Integrated programs and interactive methods, tested on practice

Number of children in the group – 8/16 people

Interesting psychological trainings for children and parents

Participation in leisure programs

Speech diagnosis and medical supervision of your child

Participation in conducting interesting experiments.

Certificate of completion of the training course “Preparation for school” is issued and awarded upon the completion of the training.

Child’s readiness for school, his/her future success is closely related to their attitude to school, the ability to contact peers and adults, to resolve conflict situations. Our goal is to encourage children go to school with joy and confidence that studying is interesting.

Tetyana Zelyanovska Practical psychologist
  1. Funny Archimedes (logical and mathematical development)
  2. Wise Owl (teaching elements of grammar)
  3. Skillful fingers (writing preparation)
  4. Restless chatterbox (speech development)
  5. Fun alphabet (reading)
  6. Inquisitive researcher (acquaintance with nature)
  7. Magic English (English)

***As well as funny musical moves, creative classes, and classes with speech therapists.

  1. They learn to be a part of the team, take responsibility and follow certain rules.
  2. We nurture positive emotional setting and self-confidence via forming a goal, identifying means of achieving it and expecting the final results from our actions.
  3. We nurture desire to learn and enjoy the learning process, because it makes it as effective as possible.


ReviewsPreparation for school

  • We are very pleased with “Ekoland”! Our child attends preparation to school classes. Children do not want to return home in the evening, because they have fun and interesting time there. Many parents will confirm! This is the best preparation for school!!!

    Oksana Demchyshyn
    Oksana Demchyshyn
  • I would like to thank EKOLAND kindergarten employees and especially Lesya Dmytrivna for meaningful lessons on preparation for school; for responsibility, professionalism and correct attitude towards children. Irynka adores lessons with Ms. Lesya, comes back home in positive mood and with inspiration for learning. (And this is a very great ability to adjust a child to the educational process) THANK YOU!!!

    Stephaniya Semchyshyn
    Stephaniya Semchyshyn
  • Excellent pre-school education that develops a child indeed. I am very pleased with the work of EKOLAND. I RECOMMEND!

    Irish Shirba
    Irish Shirba
  • I recommend “EKOLAND” to everyone. My child completes preparation for school in 2017. Teachers are wonderful. My child is ready for elementary school. EKOLAND is clean and comfortable environment. The administration is friendly.

    Lesya Drozdyak
    Lesya Drozdyak

With proper organization of the process, preparation for school can become a very exciting occupation for you and for your future first-grader.

Natalia Mytsko Elementary school teacher

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