Secondary School

Getting to know personal talents and potential, as well as modern world
Development of skills and competences for successful fulfillment of their calling in life
Innovative forms and methods of education and upbringing in accordance with present-day requirements, ability to think critically


Continuity and consistency

Getting to know yourself and the world around starts in early age and continues throughout the entire human life. Each new stage is responsible and decisive for a child. We make sure that the process of getting to know and perceiving yourself in the world takes place taking into account child's age and his/her personal experience. Our main benchmark is development of child's need and ability to self-development, self-education and critical thinking.
Continuity is ensured through close cooperation with partners: LAG, SHELL and NU “Lvivska Polytechnika”; and opportunity to comfortably continue chosen educational trajectory.

Successful implementation

Our calling is to supply educational needs of each student and his/her preparation for life in a constantly changing society, developing of modern skills and abilities, the main one being to continually master new knowledge throughout life and to apply it in practice. Effective system of monitoring and quality control of education and development, professional diagnostic support allows to form an individual educational program that motivates self-determination and self-development.

Accessibility and simplicity

Our teachers are guided by the principles of leading educational technologies, in particular the Finnish educational system, which is based on the simplicity and accessibility of knowledge acquisition. Interdisciplinary integration and the block principle of the curriculum form a holistic world-view, providing ease and versatility for the perception of new material. Interactive organization of educational process in the form of mental games, communication and discussions, practical experiments stimulates critical thinking and creative search for solutions, and also motivates cognitive interest. Learning is not perceived as hard work, does not require extra efforts, instead it forms lasting knowledge, skills and abilities.

Technological and Innovative

Studies take place in modern equipped classes and laboratories, that ensures successful use of modern information technologies and interactive means by teachers, along with the use of distance learning forms. Motivated educators have creative freedom and constantly are being developed professionally by participating in training sessions, distance learning courses, seminars, webinars and conferences, improving pedagogical skills and improving their qualifications.


Comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual is the unity and interaction of five elements of upbringing: mental, physical, labor, moral and aesthetic. Students can open and develop their creative, spiritual and physical potential in studios, sport sections, workshops, trainings, seminars and extracurricular programs, which are an integral part of the basic educational process.
It enables student to experience joy of healthy lifestyle, awareness of their own growth and development, achieving their own goals. It creates conditions for self-actualization, identification and development of talents; direct motivation of educational and other kinds of activity, organization of self-movement to the final result.

Unity and differentiation

School’s important strategy is to form united team of bright personalities. One of the key skills is the ability to work in a team, awareness of personal identity, development of the ability to combine their own interests and opportunities and needs of the team in achieving particular goal. The basic principles of team interaction organization are mutual respect, equality of students and teachers and tolerance.

Freedom of choice and responsibility

Participants in the educational process:
- provide effective partnership: student – school – parents,
- are free to choose forms and methods of education, at the same time they are personally responsible for their own choice;
- keep Charter rules and comply with the rules of the Internal Order;
We strive for freedom of choice, backed up by their own conscience and responsibility, to be the basis of our student's life; and national self-awareness, developed spirituality and culture, awareness of their own dignity and uniqueness would ensure making worthy decisions.

Strength and gradualness

Education should be fun, so we work in a full-time school format without homework. Collective, team and pair training is combined with individual tasks, formed taking into account personal learning dynamics of the student and his/her abilities. Learning achievements of a student are estimated in comparison with his/her starting level. We determine not only the level of knowledge, skills and abilities, but also the level of educational opportunities and progress towards determined goals.

Our school offers profiling of the educational process in order to meet individual needs of students, who show increased interest in particular subjects, for professional self-determination, successful socialization, facilitating adaptation to independent living and nurturing responsibility for decision making.

We work based on programs, approved by State Standard for specialized general education school with extended study of certain subjects, using the system:

Grades 1-4

Elementary school is main interest

Grades 7-8

Main school is vocational guidance motivation

Grade 8-9

Secondary school is the pre-vocational training

Vocational traininglines:



  • Scratch programming;
  • Basics of structural programming;
  • Study of object programming;
  • Basics of functional programming;
  • Administration of operating systems;
  • Information protection;
  • Web applications;
  • Databases;
  • Additional mathematics lessons;
  • Robotics, modeling, designing workshops.


  • Drawing;
  • Painting;
  • Decorative art;
  • Musical art;
  • Basics of computer graphics study;
  • Basics of computer design study;


  • Study of two foreign languages, starting in first grade;
  • Level of education – from beginner to advanced;
  • Use of modern methods of language learning;
  • Teaching foreign language using communicative techniques and role-playing games;
  • Conducting phonetics classes in specialized premises;
  • Integrated training;
  • Skits;
  • Wide educational and practical possibilities.

Upon request, we arrange the passing of TestDaF,examinations, which allows receiving international higher education without spending extra time and money.

Address ofSecondary School

                     Complex (Skrypnyka, 11)