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Elementary School

“ECOLAND” is a school of the new format. After all, our main task is to properly lay the foundation for the harmonious development of children, to ensure developing sustainable skills of rapid, informing and clear reading, literate writing, solving mathematical problems, logical tasks, developed language and cultural behavior.

Oksana Pentsak Deputy Director for Training work
           Elementary school works in full day mode from 8:30 to 18:15

What dowe offer?


Identification and development of individual abilities of each child, acquisition of the skills and competences needed in modern life, they all require an individual approach that makes it possible to adjust the direction of child's development, maintain his/her interest and build his/her own learning trajectory. “EKOLAND” students are taught in accordance with their aspirations and abilities; they gain deep academic knowledge, develop skills and personal qualities that will ensure demand in modern society and successful realization in life. Much attention is paid to development of child's interest to learn, nurturing of responsibility and interaction with other people.

Comprehensive development and variability

We care about the integrity of the educational experience, ensuring its depth and diversity. Education, research, sports, creativity and social projects exist for each child to have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills for professional and personal life. All fields of activity in “ECOLAND” are interconnected and combined into a holistic model of children's development. Additional education is implemented individually, due to its variability. “ECOLAND” students choose what they prefer, satisfying their interests and meeting their needs. Students can boldly and consciously diversify their education with a unique set of additional courses, develop their own talents in numerous workshops, studios and sport sections.

Psychological comfort

Caring, responsible, energetic and competent ``EKOLAND`` educators know how to create friendly environment within the group of schoolchildren. We find special approach to little individuals through love, respect, ethical and polite attitude. A small number of children in the classroom allows giving enough attention to each student. All this encourages nurturing positive self-esteem of a child, creates a favorable environment for adaptation to education. While in a school where proper care and concern are available, children become more independent, self-organized, which is so important at the beginning of school life.


Organization of the learning process in “ECOLAND” takes place in a new format of constant change of types and forms of activity: intellectual games, trainings, debate, experiments and joint creative and scientific projects. Such approach stimulates children's desire for knowledge and development of thinking. Non-standard teaching practice, use of interesting techniques and technologies reverses our students’ idea about boring lessons, instead they give them an elevated emotional state. At the same time, the perception of information, its use and application reaches another level of quality. Modern children require innovation, that is why interactive technologies make learning process interesting and create conditions where each student can try in different roles, to feel successful and intelligent.

Productive thinking

The development of critical and creative thinking is the art to analyze, to make thoughtful and independent decisions, to put forward extraordinary ideas, to avoid thinking in traditional patterns. “ECOLAND” students practice these skills in various projects, where they solve problems of real life, identify strengths and weaknesses, implement their ideas, communicate productively, discuss, learn from mistakes, adequately accept criticism and think openly. Children with developed critical thinking freely communicate, respect each other's opinion, believe in their strength, maintain active life position, use their time rationally and work efficiently with sources of information.

Effective communication

Every day, “ECOLAND” students work effectively in order to develop their communication skills: they learn how to easily establish contacts, uphold conversation, negotiate, listen and ask questions, respect different points of view, solve conflict situations, build and plan team work, distribute tasks, take criticism and analyze the result of their joint activity. The ability to convey information, thoughts and ideas in our children in not limited to the standard set: reading of printed sources, writing essays, answers to open questions. Our students master media literacy, they learn how to safely use modern media system and information and communication technologies.

Healthy Lifestyle

The greatest value for parents is the health of their child. We monitor the well-being of all ``ECOLAND`` residents, we carefully carry out the prevention of diseases. Daily exercises including breathing, attentive supervision of school physician and psychologist, outdoor walks and balanced nutrition are a solid foundation for the growth of a healthy and successful child. A nurse and a P.E. teacher help create healthy lifestyle habits. Together, we conduct sporting activities, learn to eat right and be in shape. We create the culture of health.

Happy childhood

``ECOLAND`` is the second home for a child, where he/she spends almost all time: studying, playing, fellowship with his/her peers, going on excursions, visiting studios, camps, study new rules and responsibilities. Here the rhythm of school life is born. There is a place and time for everything: learning, culture and art, fellowship, sports and recreation. These are shared unforgettable emotions that are not found in gadgets or social networks. Therefore, we create a comfortable space, cosiness; we sincerely give children our love and care, we develop children's talents, we help them feel the joy of knowing their potential and getting to know the world. It is important for us that children do not lose interest in learning and studying, so they would find something new and wonderful at school everyday.

“ART SCHOOL``, foreign languages, chess, ballroom dance studio, kickboxing, karate – this is far from a complete list of opportunities offered to the students of “EСOLAND” Elementary school.

Halyna Roslyakova Deputy Director for Educational work
Classes takes place in the morning (first half of the day) and in the afternoon (second half of the day) with a break for lunch and a mandatory outside walk.


Study of compulsory disciplines, such as Ukrainian language, Literary reading, Development of speech skills, Mathematics, World around us, English language, Music, Fine arts and P.E.


Walk and rest in 1st grade / walk and homework preparation in grades 2-4; Additional classes in workshops and studios.

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