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While parents are busy doing their important things their healthy and happy children get to know the world around them, harmoniously develop and prepare for the next successful steps in “Ecoland”.

8 main reasons to choose“Ecoland” kindergarten:

Easy adaptation

The baby's transition from around the clock parental care takes place under professional supervision of teachers and a practical psychologist. We will take care that the transition from “I am the center of the universe in the family” to ``I am a unique part of a new team of friends`` would be easy and enjoyable.

Individuality and harmony

During the adaptation to classes, regime and the team, psychologists and teachers monitor and diagnose child's interests and capabilities, according to the relevant age program, for the purpose of drawing up an individual development plan, taking into account child’s pace of movement, knowledge and abilities, and create preconditions for the most productive occupations studies.
Similarly, an individual program of physical and creative development is developed to maximize the potential of a child. Children can try themselves in creative, musical, vocal, theater and dance studios, as well as in gymnastics, combat hopak, karate, kickboxing, and choose what they like the most now. Thanks to such comprehensive development in comfortable dynamics, our children grow up harmonious personalities who enjoy the knowledge of themselves and the wonderful world around them.

Organized leisure

Does your child run to the kindergarten so as not to miss something interesting? Indeed, here children make salad themselves, participate in various ``Party``, ``handmade`` crafts using incredibly interesting techniques, use energy in various sports classes, actively consume oxygen exploring the territory and experimenting in gardening...
And what is expecting them tomorrow?

Under the roof of “EKOLAND” you will find many studios and workshops. Children learn foreign languages, art, dance, etiquette, hurry to classes of practicing with psychologist, patter with speech therapist. True aesthetes and artists are engaged in drama productions alongside schoolchildren.
Children of “EKOLAND” love to travel: excursions, picnics, competitions, quests are school’s good tradition. Kindergarten children do not live apart: side-by-side with schoolchildren they participate in joint holidays and concerts. Integrated growth ensures soft psychological training for preschoolers and a smooth, stress-free transition from kindergarten to school life!

Realization of the continuity model

Do you have any concerns about the placement of your child first in a kindergarten, then in elementary school, then to a secondary school? And this is a problem of continuity and uncomfortable adaptation of the child when moving from one link to another. In addition to this – endless search for workshops and studios within the city and the need to take and bring back a child to and from it. It has inspired us to create a modern complex that will meet all your needs and expectations as much as possible.

Safe conditions

The sense of security and confidence of the kids is an important principle.
Therefore, all conditions for ensuring your tranquility are created in the educational institution, including permanent external and internal video surveillance, closed territory, compliance with sanitary and fire requirements, constant accompaniment and sincere care).

Interesting learning

Modern techniques, interactive tools in the hands of creative young educators create comfortable space where your child grows up to be bright and confident personality.
Every day there are new discoveries, skills and abilities. Easily, in the form of the game, children prepare for the next important step – elementary school.
In addition to mastering mathematics, reading and writing, we develop speech, logical thinking, imagination and memory. Children learn to make decisions independently, reflect, express their opinions and work in a team.
An important condition for uncovering child's mental, physical and creative potential is her emotional development; that is why the main task at this stage is to awake desire to learn in a child, and to enhance interest to cognition.


Caring for the health of children entrusted to us is a top priority and very important task. From the territory of the kindergarten, where everything is made exclusively from ecologically pure wood and high-quality natural materials, we have followed the chosen concept in the internal natural decoration and arrangement of children's space.
Attentive medical supervision takes place during the day, rational everyday routine, compulsory physical activity, outdoor walks, complex immunity support is the key to strengthening our most expensive treasure! Modern equipment and quality products in the hands of professional chefs will provide your child with healthy food, while delicious dishes and fragrant pastries will give a sense of home atmosphere.

Detection of talents and abilities

Each child is born unique and gifted. But how busy parents nowadays might be able to find time and be able to see and understand these in their child? To do this, we offer a wide range of workshops and studios under the guidance of talented professionals who absolutely love what they do. We use different methods and techniques for identifying talents, we give parents advice regarding right steps towards the development of their child, prepare the child for elementary school based on child’s main interest.

Give your child the opportunity to grow confident and successful ....

Natalia Kiblytska Head of kindergarten

New “Ecoland” kindergarten in Sykhiv

New modern “Ecoland” kindergarten has opened in Sykhiv. In general, there will be eight groups for children from three to six years old. An interesting and rich program was developed, and completely new premises were created for children.

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  • We want to thank our teachers for working diligently with our son, for their ability to find an approach to each child. Our children really love their teacher Lyuda, and her assistant Lesya. Every morning they go to Ekoland with great joy and pleasure. We thank you!

    Lviv Oleksandr
    Lviv Oleksandr
  • It is important to me that my child is in a new institution under the care of friendly and responsible teachers like Lyudmyla and Lesya, who listen to my requests. My daughter is happy to attend kindergarten, talks well about the teachers, so they managed to win children's attention despite tiredness and stress. Kindergarten team regularly organizes interesting educational and entertainment events. The institution is developing, so I do not lose hope that in the future, the care for the children will be carried out by two permanent teachers and an assistant, which will facilitate the work of teachers and will please parents and children. Pricing policy is currently acceptable and we are not expecting significant changes. I wish success to all employees whose motivation is proper education and development of our children!

    Oksana Sushynska-Mochernyuk
    Oksana Sushynska-Mochernyuk
  • We visit Ekoland kindergarten. When choosing a preschool, it was important for us that our child would receive the appropriate level of knowledge, would be safe, and that it would be interesting for our son. We are happy with our choice. Apart from daily classes, kindergarten often also organizes various interesting activities for children and their parents both entertaining and developing. My son loves his teacher Lyudmyla, with enthusiasm tells how interesting his day was. There are also additional classes for different taste and talent, and everything is in one institution. We are happy!

    Sveta Suvala
    Sveta Suvala
  • Thank you Ekoland kindergarten for the good work with the kids! When I was putting my son into kindergarten I was very worried as to how he would adapt, but he quickly got involved thanks to a qualified staff, a modern approach and various interesting and developmental programs! I would like to pay special attention to the best teacher Lyuda and Lesya, her assistant, who created positive atmosphere and thanks to their care my son is happy to run into kindergarten!

    Dyomina Maryna
    Dyomina Maryna
  • We have been expecting opening of this kindergarten for a long time and not in vain... Our child goes to kindergarten with great pleasure, very satisfied with teachers and educational process itself. Everything is at the proper level. Now we will be waiting for the opening of Ekoland school and be sure we will be going there to study.

    Yulia Agashina
    Yulia Agashina
  • I was very glad when I learned about the opening of Ekoland kindergarten in Sykhiv. From the very first day our daughter visits this kindergarten. My impressions are only positive:) I sincerely thank "Simply White" group teacher Lyudmyla, as well as her assistant Lesya for the care, warmth and affection that they give to our children!

    Oksana Varanitsa
    Oksana Varanitsa
  • We are attending Ekoland kindergarten, and we are very satisfied with the teacher and teacher’s assistant. Good conditions, good meals. Our child goes to the kindergarten with pleasure. Also they provide quality educational, development and leisure programs for children!

    Marta Zholkevska
    Marta Zholkevska
  • My daughter likes kindergarten very much. I see a smile on her face and how glad she is when she sees her teacher. Very good conditions for children, skilled and friendly staff. My child goes to kindergarten with pleasure!

    Julia Zaliska
    Julia Zaliska

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