Mon, Wed (16:00–17:00)

1. Teach to build action strategy

2. Develop logical thinking

3. Help to revitalize and develop imagination

4. Assist in organizing thoughts and knowledge

5. Teach to make your own decisions and be responsible for them

6. Learn to make emergency decisions without panicking


Why is it important to learn to play chess as a child? There are many reasons for this: first, children’s brain is very inquisitive, and they easily master all that is interesting to them; second, as the body, the brain is still developing, and any new information is absorbed much easier; and third, the game of chess develops logical thinking that will help ф child in the future to better absorb school material, correctly structure knowledge and understand more complex subjects. The game of chess is incredibly useful, and the versatility of its impact on ф child is very difficult to overestimate.

Mon, Wed 16:00 – 17:00 (6-9 years old)